Limón vs Alajuelense EN VIVO Online Coverage Costa Rica Primera

Limón vs Alajuelense EN VIVO

San José, January 13, 2021. ( .- Limón FC perceives that the lone guilty parties that the match against Guadalupe FC couldn’t occur are themselves. This is because of an obligation of 55 million colones with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS).Cristian Williams, representative for the Limonense gathering, was earnest in his interest in the program 120 Minutes , of Radio Monumental, and called attention to that they are hurrying to refresh their circumstance with the nation’s social security.”Here we don’t need to search for the blameworthy, the liable are us since we can’t drop the whole obligation that we have with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, we figured out how to drop a measure of 12 million colones however different sums came out that we didn’t know.”We had the option, with the assistance of a support, to have the assets and accordingly look to drop this obligation in a timeframe that we will haggle with the CCSS,” clarified Williams.

Limón vs Alajuelense Live Stream

As far as concerns him, the leader of Unafut, Julián Solano, expressed in the very radio program that Limonenses have time until this Thursday, January 14, at 3:00 pm, to get up to speed and accordingly have the game on its feet. of the date two of the Clausura 2021. As per the schedule, Limón FC will get Alajuelense next Saturday, at 3:00 pm, at the Ebal Rodríguez arena, Guápiles, Limón.”We trust that this evening we can give them the news that everything is all together and accordingly have the option to play on Saturday against the League,” said the Limonense spokesman.In Williams’ intercession, he additionally clarified that this is a model that serves to show to the individuals who imagine that the new organization of Limón FC is connected to tax evasion. “This is a model that our patrons don’t launder cash, if the cash was left finished, the 55 million colones would have been paid days back, and no, it isn’t that way. The need is to pay the pay rates of the players and yesterday we did that. Here there is no abundance cash, we try sincerely so everything is cutting-edge, “Williams underlined.

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