Defensa y Justicia vs Olimpia EN VIVO Online Coverage Copa Libertadores

Defensa y Justicia vs Olimpia EN VIVO

Safeguard and Justice , sung by the triumph over Dolphin Ecuador, by 3 to 0 in the resumption of the competition will get Wednesday to Olimpia of Paraguay , multiple times hero of the greatest mainland competition in a match significance is huge for the eventual fate of the G Group the Copa Libertadores.The match will be played at the Norberto Tomaghelo arena, in the city of Florencio Varela, from 7.15pm with the intervention of the Chilean Cristian Garay and broadcast by the Fox Sports signal.The pioneer of the gathering is Santos from Brazil with seven units, trailed by Olimpia with five, Defensa with three and Dellfín with one. On Thursday the fourth date of the gathering will be finished with the Delfín-Santos coordinate from 23 in Argentina.

Defensa y Justicia vs Olimpia Live Stream

On the one hand Defensa, with his first cooperation in the Libertadores, and on the other Olimpia, drove by Argentine Daniel Garnero, who has 42 cups played with three titles (1979, 1990 and 2012) in a sum of eight global accomplishments. All the Guaraní experience before the fantasy of the group drove by Hernán Crespo.In Defense Gabriel Hachen will enter for the torn Francisco Pizzini, while Olimpia loses a significant worth, for example, striker Roque Santa Cruz, with a muscle injury, being supplanted by Derlis González, while for the suspended Rodrigo Rojas will enter the exRiver and Independiente Nicolás Sunday.In his first support in the opposition, Defensa will confront a genuine history of the opposition: Olimpia, coordinated by previous Independiente midfielder Daniel Garnero, has 42 cups played with three titles (1979, 1990 and 2012) in an aggregate of eight worldwide accomplishments. In the primary leg, last March, the Paraguayans won 2-1 at home.”Wednesday’s down against Olimpia is a last. Let the Defense fan remain quiet that we will leave everything on the court. The whole crew will take it that way since it is the opponent to beat, to defeat in the gathering to have opportunity to meet all requirements for the round of 16, “said Falcon safeguard Adonis Frías.

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